MIND WAVE COMICS founded in 2010, is the newest alternative comics company on the scene. We are all about creating comics for the young and young at heart! Enough with the doom and gloom in comics, we’re bringing back the rad vs. bad! Below is a look into all the neat folks that make up the Mind Wave Crew. Take a look around and ride the wave!

(Co-Founder and Head Editor of MIND WAVE COMICS)(Writer/Creator – The Misadventures of Wonderboy; Darwin Holmes Ape Detective) (Inker – The Misadventures of Wonderboy; The BOLT)

Dave is working hard breaking in to the industry. He is trying to bring a little light back into the dark gritty world of mainstream comics with his the newest super hero on the block in “The Misadventures of Wonderboy.” He has been working as a professional comic colorist and inker in the industry for a few years and is just starting to break out as a young up and coming talent within a field he’s dreamed of being a part of since he was a little kid. While others were deep in thought of academic brilliance Dave dreamed of a world with superheroes, Ape detectives, and Nazi Dinosaurs. Strange? No, Awesome? YES! If you want to check out Dave’s work check out his personal portfolio site @

(Co-Founder of MIND WAVE COMICS)(Creator /Writer – The BOLT; Techno Insecto) (Penciller – The BOLT; The Misadventures of Wonderboy; Techno Insecto)

Samir is an Animation and Sequential art student with a love for drawing comics. Having experimented with making comics since a little child, he has learned and gained a lot of experience after being immersed into a world dedicated to teaching comics. Having a fascination for super heroes and maniacal villains; Samir loves creating amazing characters and intriguing storylines. Teaming up with Creator Dave Wheeler, Samir provides pencils for the incredibly entertaining series “The Misadventures of Wonderboy” and his self-created series “the BOLT”. To see some more of Samir’s work head on over to

(Assistant Head Editor for MIND WAVE COMICS)

Whitney is working on making a career in something she loves, which is comics. If she is not writing scripts or doing whatever freelance she can get her hands on then she is working on her own stories. She is not so secretly an Anglophile and tends to nerd out over anything with a fandom. When she isn’t bossing people around then she will most likely be found critiquing whoevers art she can get her hands on (sometimes with persmission).

(Artist – Totem)

Initially just a harmless doodler filed under the catch-all term “illustrator”, the siren song of geekery turned out to be too hard to resist for Heidi. Now a game artist by day and comic artist by night (with a keen interest in honing her napping skills between the two) she sets out with stylus in hand to make a mark.

(Asst. Head Editor / Table Monkey)

As a long-time fan and supporter of Wonderboy, Adam is thrilled to be taking a more active role under the auspices of the MIND WAVE banner. He is a proponent for the arts in its many forms and, as a sort of jack-of-all-trades, has experience in theater, film, radio, literature, and music. He has a keen interest in all things nerd, gamer, or pop culture. Adam is looking forward to exercising his editing chops, being a part of the creative process, helping his friends do what they love, and perhaps answering the question, “Is this what my Communication Studies major is for?”